Resolutions for 2020

Over the years I’ve noticed I really struggle with habit resolutions — like do X, Y every day but never EVER do Z. Those are the type that are broken long before February. It’s really hard to change habits.

And yet my habits make up who I am and what I get done every day. So I want to make adjustments to these areas of my life. I’ve tried to italicize the goals.

Health: In 2019 I gained at least 10 pounds. I’ve taken on the habit of eating when I’m tired, and eating when other people are hungry instead of listening to my own body. And, I’ve lost the habit of regular exercise. I aim to fix this by getting more sleep and being mindful of what I’m eating and when. At home, I’ll practice eating only at the table, and only when I’m hungry. I’ll practice only eating between 7am and 7pm, and being in my bed between 10pm and 6am. I’ll practice taking walks after big meals.

Relationships: One kid left the nest, and the other will soon. So I’m trying to get the most out of the time we’ve got together. I’ve also got to get used to spending more time alone and have a better relationship with myself. And, I want to practice dating, but be healthier about it: no more one sided, unbalanced relationships.

Spirituality: Read my magazines each month. Avoid unhealthy all-or-nothing attitudes. Focus on an effort to love and serve God and those around me.

Mind: For 2020, I’ll focus on creative expression: I want to rework a collage I made, and possibly create a few others. I also want to read and review 12 books by the end of the year.

World: My world includes my house, my job, the environment, politics… basically anything that’s not me or another person, but are still things I need to care for and appreciate and care for in this life. It’s a big umbrella so instead of italicizing each of these, I’m going to list them:

– I want to listen more at work and really try harder to understand what everyone is up to.

– I want to tidy up the last bits of trim left in my project.

– I want to reduce my “retail” spending to 25% of what I spent in 2019, and focus my effort on saving up to fix my basement.

– I need to fill up at least one more signature packet and get that turned in ASAP.

– I want to make my yard nice again. I want to grow carrots!

– And, I want to go on at least 6 long hikes. Preferably more.

I didn’t make any specific resolutions for 2019. Thanks to some help from neighbors and friends, I did get my house fully functional upstairs again, so there’s that. But overall I don’t think I had a great sense of direction.

This fat list for 2020 might be overcorrection. It’s plenty to work on, and I’m sure I won’t be perfect. But perfection isn’t the goal. The goal is to do markedly better.

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