Moderate is not Neutral

What do they call a moderate conservative? RINO: Republican in name only. And from the other side, what do they call a moderate liberal? A Republican.

If you’re not 100% with us, you’re against us, they say. Yet we moderates are many — possibly even the majority.

Occasionally we’ll have politicians who attempt to reach us. The other day, a presidential candidate and house rep decided to vote “present” instead of yay or nay, and did so to indicate she’s a moderate.

Being a moderate isn’t about trying to stay precisely in the middle, uninvolved, and aloof. It’s not about agreeing with everyone — or anyone for that matter — on everything.

It’s about fixing issues on both sides, reinforcing the best from both sides, and most of all, trying to help each side see the other as human again. We don’t sit on the fence, we try to take it down.

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