New Traditions

Weeks before Halloween, as I was tucking her into bed, Mary gushed, “I am SO excited for Christmas this year… we get to have TWO sets of traditions now!” Kids are so good at looking on the bright side! So over the past few weeks, we’ve been starting some new traditions. I thought I’d share […]


Let it Snow!

So I realized that for a person who likes taking photos, I’ve posted a very small percentage of the ones I like.  And that’s something I intend to fix. So interspersed with every-day type  photos that might be a bit ho-hum, I’m throwing in a few of my favorites. This is a photo I took […]


Sheep Ornaments

While setting up my tree this year, I turned around to find my babies with glass balls stuck on their fingers like olives. Ouch! Here’s my attempt at a more kid friendly ornament. Update: About two days after I’d posted this, I stumbled upon the Christmas edition of one of my favorite magazines, Family Fun. […]