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My Burden is Light

“And the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and they were sore afraid.”

We read Luke 2 every Christmas. And every Christmas, I’ve assumed the same thing: these shepherds were probably just shocked to see an angel. Anyone would be, right? And yet, why “sore” afraid? These people were faithful, they would “haste” to follow instructions, so what was so scary to them?

Let it Snow!

So I realized that for a person who likes taking photos, I’ve posted a very small percentage of the ones I like.  And that’s something I intend to fix. So interspersed with every-day type  photos […]

“Name Flakes”

My kids and their buddy were so pleased with this idea for a nifty paper snowflake last winter, I’m posting the how-to here. Give it a try, and send me your awesome results!

A Christmas Carol

Those of you who know me know I love to sing at Christmas, but not everyone knows why. As a kid I could relate well to the Little Drummer Boy. Our neighborhood had a tradition of giving each other gifts as Christmas approached. And I remember several years where some unknown neighbors sent all sorts of goodies – oranges, turkey, clothes, and even toys for the youngest children. Being large family on an educators income, we didn’t have much to give back. But we could sing together, so sing we did, to as many neighbors as we could reach every year.

The Best Christmas Present

We had our family Christmas party tonight (last night, technically speaking). My mom gave me grey stockings, and I laughed till I had to wipe a tear from my eye.  Why? I’d bought the stockings for myself a few weeks earlier and she was giving them back.

Sheep Ornaments

While setting up my tree this year, I turned around to find my babies with glass balls stuck on their fingers like olives. Ouch! Here’s my attempt at a more kid friendly ornament. Update: About two days after I’d posted this, I stumbled upon the Christmas edition of one of my favorite magazines, Family Fun. Looks like someone else had a clever idea with pipe cleaners and yarn too! (If only I could have seen that BEFORE I played with yarn for an hour trying to figure out how to do it!!) Their tutorial is much shorter and the effect is similar.Click here to view it, or you can read this: 🙂

Happy Holidays in General…

I just realized I’d left my Thanksgiving message up for more than 2 weeks past the date. Sorry ’bout that.

Life’s been super busy as usual with work and all. It seems its only going to get busier for a while but its fun work; I get to be really creative in my problem solving and work to streamline processes while providing a higher quality of work. We’ve about proved our process now and our program is done and getting implemented this next week. It’s been very exciting. What a great job!

A couple of people have contacted me about freelance opportunities lately. I would love to take them but I don’t want to get involved in any project I can’t handle right now with my work schedule. If you’re someone whose contacted me and I’ve turned you away for lack of time, I’m really sorry, soon I should have a little more time. If you’re someone who needs help with a very small project hook me up cause I’d love to have a little extra to help with the Christmas Cheer.

Happy holidays to all!