A few thinks the kids said this Christmas

I love to hear what the kids say as they open their presents.  Most of these are only cute because of the way they said them (harder to describe here) but for the memories, I’ll write them down anyway…

Ethan, “Maybe this is the biggest thing we ever have gotten!”

Ethan, “Do you know why it’s called a SHELL shocker?”

Mary, “It’s the tigger toy!” They both adored this one – you squeeze his nose and he does cartwheels.

Mary, on opening her toy kitchen from Ethan, tore off a tiny piece of wrapping paper and said, “Oo, we can have a party with this!” and stood and played with the scrap of paper. Ethan promptly reminded her, “MARY – you gotta open the present!” So she pulled off a bigger scrap of paper and started playing with it as well 🙂 I can’t remember what she called it – something like a “Dooly-gig” Once she finally did open her present, she was happy to find “Dora’s Kitchen” inside (We won’t tell her this one really isn’t Doras – those were way overpriced!).

Ethan was thrilled at the present from Daddy to Mary – the ezbake oven. Mary said, “This can make real treats!” Ethan, on observing a boy on the box happily exclaimed, “I told you this is a toy for boys too!” Both are now contently playing with the fake food I bought to supplement the pretend kitchen.

On the types of gifts I give: Ethan opened a book and exclaimed “This one must be from Momma!” And daddy knew just what to buy me – the Crayola Crayon maker (melts old crayons down into new ones).

Both kids, no matter the present, were quick to give thanks and adulation. “Ohh… this is just what I wanted!” “My Favorite!” “I LOVE this!” “I have the best brother!” “I have the best sister!”

Well I have the happiest Christmas kids 🙂 I’m a lucky momma.

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