“Name Flakes”

My kids and their buddy were so pleased with this idea for a nifty paper snowflake last winter, I’m posting the how-to here. Give it a try, and send me your awesome results! First you have to fold your paper for a snowflake. Anything but six-sided is just plain wrong, in my humble opinion, so here’s what to do.

How to fold a six sided paper snowflake
How to fold a six sided paper snowflake

Take an 8.5″x11″ piece of light weight paper. Fold it in half the “short” way. Start to fold in half again, but crease just the end of the folded edge to find the center. Then, using that point as a guide, fold the paper into thirds. I find that it helps to almost ‘roll’ the paper and slowly flatten it into thirds. At any rate, once you’ve got the correct angel (roughly 60 degrees) make a crease, and fold both sides in. Fold that V shape in half at the center. Then design your cuts, cut it out, and unfold.

In the picture, I’ve written my own name in a dark marker so it will show up in the photograph. In reality, I would very lightly pencil the design in. When you start to cut, make sure you’re keeping some of the folded edges intact so your paper snowflake will unfold properly and not just fall apart. Intricate designs may need to be done with an exacto blade, so I recommend keeping it simple at first so as to avoid frustration.

Last year’s nameflakes are gone, but we enjoy making these every year and will probably end up doing a few tomorrow. I will post the pictures then 🙂