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Pixy Stix Valentines

Who doesn’t love pixy stix? I guess maybe the teachers might not like them as much. But Valentines day does only come once a year, and this is a cute, simple idea for easy-to-mass-produce classroom valentines.

“Name Flakes”

My kids and their buddy were so pleased with this idea for a nifty paper snowflake last winter, I’m posting the how-to here. Give it a try, and send me your awesome results!

White Chocolate Popcorn

I’d originally posted this for Halloween, but the same treat works just as well for other holidays. For Christmas, I’ve tried and thoroughly enjoyed the same recipe with candy-cane bits instead of reeses pieces. My coworker said White Chocolate Popcorn sounds disgusting, but if you like caramel corn or anything like it, you should give this easy trick a try.

A Christmas Carol

Those of you who know me know I love to sing at Christmas, but not everyone knows why. As a kid I could relate well to the Little Drummer Boy. Our neighborhood had a tradition of giving each other gifts as Christmas approached. And I remember several years where some unknown neighbors sent all sorts of goodies – oranges, turkey, clothes, and even toys for the youngest children. Being large family on an educators income, we didn’t have much to give back. But we could sing together, so sing we did, to as many neighbors as we could reach every year.