Pixy Stix Valentines

Who doesn’t love pixy stix? I guess maybe the teachers might not like them as much. But Valentines day does only come once a year, and this is a cute, simple idea for easy-to-mass-produce classroom valentines. It’s not super original, but at least it’s not often done, and I did go through the effort to make a pattern, so I figured I’d share. For 44 valentines, you’ll need this pixie stix valentine pattern and:

1 4oz bag of Pixie Sticks*
11 sheets of multi colored card stock
A hole punch
Kids willing to help assemble and address the valentines

Print the pattern, or make your own pattern, and print it out onto card stock. Have the kids cut out the hearts and start labeling them for their class mates. Then hole punch each large heart twice on the “x”. Thread a pixie stick through. Tape a small heart to one end to form an arrow head and a medium heart to the other as the arrow’s tail. They can add another heart to the front of the valentine for emphasis if they want to. Tape the back of the valentine as well to secure the pixie stick arrow.


*You might note I spelled it many different ways, sorry, that’s to help you find the article. The title has the real spelling, in case you were wondering

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