Over dinner tonight, Ethan said, “I used to think that Marrón is spelled M-A-R-O-N. But it’s not. Guess how its REALLY spelled?”

“I have no idea,” I replied.  I really didn’t.

Ethan: “C-A-F-E”

Then, Mary added matter-of-factly, “Yup, sometimes letters say different sounds in other languages.”

While I’m at it. You might already know that Mary’s been collecting money lately, and keeping tabs of every new penny in her journal. As the total passed 300 (cents) she declared, “I’m Riched! Let’s go buy something inpensive!*”

So Mary offered to buy us all a waterslide to go from the deck down to the hot tub. “I don’t know if we have quite -that- much money, Mary.” “Sure we do, if you and me put our money together!”

Same thing happened when they were at Petsmart looking at birds. Mary fell in love with a $1099.99 parrot. “It kept trying to give me its toys and food. Doesn’t it know I’m a human, and humans don’t eat BIRD FOOD? I don’t even know why they call it PetSmart, because their pets sure aren’t very smart.” Didn’t stop her from wanting to make the big purchase, though. Jared, again, pointed out that 109999 is alot bigger than 300, and again she said she knew she could make it work.

She’s now declared herself “in charge of the family money” and says if we all put in our money we can each go buy something we want. But if we fight, she’ll take it away and spend it all herself. Hmm. If anyone knows of a good budget simulator game for kids, let me know and we’ll give that a shot.

Meanwhile I discovered Ethan’s new years resolutions, something he’d not discussed with us. They are:

1) Practice Swimming.
2) Stop Stealing.

STEALING? I was so shocked I could only laugh. Once the giggles were out of my system, I asked him about the resolution and whether he’d really ever stolen anything. “Yes. I borrowed Uncle Isaacs Sonic Mega Collection, and I still haven’t given it back!” (Sorry Isaac)

*for some reason, lately she says “in” instead of “ex” Something she said today for example — or as she would say, “insample”: “All of the kids were so incited to go to the aquarium today! We looked at all the fish and jellyfish and the octopus and the sting rays, and played in the playhouse… And the grownups got to just sit there and do nothing. Kids love to insplore, but grownups like to be bored.” Mark my words, here’s one grownup who can NEVER get bored with these two around.


Mary’s demonstrated her mad color naming skills today, naming a hot magenta “Wart Pink” (She said she couldn’t read the crayon wrapper for sure, but we didn’t have the wrapper with us :-p)

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