Coming up with ideas is the easy part for me, making them work is another thing. So when I do come up with something that works well, I’ll post it here. I’m also including a few experiences with some of my not-so-stellar plans.

Keeping the Windows Warm…

I love my mountains, except when I can’t see them. Our lovely Utah topography — wide valleys with mountains on all sides and lakes in the middle — tends to trap gunky air in the wintertime. That lets in less light, which makes everything extremely cold. And the lack of normal convection means the air […]


Would you rather be… (by Ethan)

Would you rather be… Stuck in an elevator with somebody who talks a lot?(A) OR Stuck in an elevator with nobody at all?(B) If you said (A) then you are probably extroverted like a dog. If you said (B) then you are probably introverted like a cat. Dogs usually like being with other people. Cats […]


Broken garbage disposal?

If your garbage disposal stops working, particularly if it’s been working fine and then one day simply dies, you just might be able to fix it yourself with the press of a little red button. Who knew? Just like your hair dryer, garbage disposals have a GFCI: a circuit interrupter that shuts the device off […]