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Let it Snow!

So I realized that for a person who likes taking photos, I’ve posted a very small percentage of the ones I like.  And that’s something I intend to fix. So interspersed with every-day type  photos […]

Alien Icicles

With all the snow we’ve had, and the fact that my husband didn’t put the gutter back after redoing our roof, we’ve had some crazy icicles and an interesting photo op.

Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Got any ideas for safer commutes in scary weather? I need them. This winter’s been a bit too exciting around here. If I’m not mistaken, we’ve had at least one major storm per week since November. Given the fact that I have to drive down one mountain, around another, and across a long highway to get my kids to and from school every day, it can be a dangerous commute for us in the snow. And I’ve not been nearly as prepared as I should be. Sometimes I wish I could just sell the house and go get a condo close to the school. But in this last storm, not even that would have helped.

“Name Flakes”

My kids and their buddy were so pleased with this idea for a nifty paper snowflake last winter, I’m posting the how-to here. Give it a try, and send me your awesome results!

A real snowflake

My kids and I made paper snowflakes this winter out of our names. They’re really quite beautiful. But my kids weren’t at all convinced that REAL snow looks like that. So I took this picture.

Closeup of a snowflake
Closeup of a snowflake