Happy Holidays in General…

I just realized I’d left my Thanksgiving message up for more than 2 weeks past the date. Sorry ’bout that.

Life’s been super busy as usual with work and all. It seems its only going to get busier for a while but its fun work; I get to be really creative in my problem solving and work to streamline processes while providing a higher quality of work. We’ve about proved our process now and our program is done and getting implemented this next week. It’s been very exciting. What a great job!

A couple of people have contacted me about freelance opportunities lately. I would love to take them but I don’t want to get involved in any project I can’t handle right now with my work schedule. If you’re someone whose contacted me and I’ve turned you away for lack of time, I’m really sorry, soon I should have a little more time. If you’re someone who needs help with a very small project hook me up cause I’d love to have a little extra to help with the Christmas Cheer.

Happy holidays to all!

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