New Traditions

Weeks before Halloween, as I was tucking her into bed, Mary gushed, “I am SO excited for Christmas this year… we get to have TWO sets of traditions now!” Kids are so good at looking on the bright side! So over the past few weeks, we’ve been starting some new traditions. I thought I’d share two…

I’m not sure where we first saw the idea of Advent Socks — I’m thinking it was Better Homes and Gardens or Family Fun, but I’ve wanted to try it ever since, and as Mary put it, this year we get to start any new tradition we’d like! So just before Thanksgiving, I bought twelve pairs of cute dollar-store socks, and a set of clothespins to hang them up with. Each day we get to do a Christmas activity and read a scripture. One of our friends found this printable advent calendar at Kid’s Corner as a perfect list of activity and scripture suggestions.


Ethan came up with the idea for our tree. We bought three different colors of green paper and cut out seven hands for each of us. On each hand, we wrote down little acts of kindness we could do, and then we arranged them into a tree shape using pieces of poster putty. Any time the kids do one of those items, they can put a star sticker on that hand. And since Christmas is about giving and appreciating what we’ve been given, next we cut out round ornaments and wrote some things we’re thankful for on each one. We finished it off with a paper star and a trunk torn from a grocery bag. I think it’s adorable, and it’s really helping us get in the spirit of Christmas.

In case you couldn’t see so through the grain of my photo, the kids really are having a blast. 🙂 And we’re enjoying trying out other budget-friendly traditions too… what does your family do?

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