Wart Remedy that Actually Works

The kids and I were going through old pictures today when we ran across a picture of the worst wart ever. You’ll have to click “more” if you want to see it — don’t look if you’ve got a strong gag reflex. But since someone had asked the other day how we got rid of his warts, I figured I’d post the solution here. First jump is the remedy. I’ll add another break before the picture (it is gross.)


  1. Chris

    Hi! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I started having this wart for over 9yrs already but didnt bother visiting a doctor because i think that i might be too expensive, also embarrassed to tell my parents. I was 11yrs old back then. I used to cut it with nail cutter whenever it looks bigger and darker, afraid that someone will tease me if they saw it.

    So I started the treatment fri (june24’16) night and woken up the next day with throbbing pain, but went away a day or two. Continued doing it and it became flat and starts itching whenever i take the plaster off. I dunno if its effective because my wart has this dark spots long ago. The healthy skin around it gets wrinkled too. Its been a week already but hasnt turned black yet. Now im in despair. I hope youll be able to help me. Big thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ps. Ill try using nail polish.


    1. Velda

      Do try the nail polish. Also, you might try carefully applying Vaseline around the wart on the healthy skin. Also: plaster? If possible just use tape.

      My son said it was kinda painful and itchy for his big wart, too. But it did fall off.

      Please go see a doctor, too. 9 years of a wart with discoloration is a long time, even if you are young, you’ll want to get it checked out. Good luck!


    2. Joel

      Okay thatโ€™s normal for the skin to go wrinkly if you wear duck tape over the wart but when it starts to smell take it of and wash it clean it etc, then put a normal plaster on (big enough for the wart) and then wait for a week or two then take it if and it should go black and go soon.

      Ps hope you found this very helpful ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ best luck with your wart


  2. Chris

    Hi again! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Does the wart necessarily have to turn black? Because mine didnt. Even thought ive been treating it with acv every night.

    The nail polish worked, and i was able to pick the top layer off. This is the second time that I applied it and after taking it off, I can now see the pink skin underneath.
    How do i know if its completely gone? Sadly, cant attach a photo. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Chris

    Yes yes thank you soooo much, Velda!! Cannot be any happier now that after so many years of embarassment, i can now flaunt my hand carefree. Haha
    Tho im still worried of handling food, afraid that i might spread the “virus” with my right hand, esp im in culinary industry.
    Hoping the scar heals soon.

    Again, thank you so much this is really life changing to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. jacinta

    Hello Velda,

    I’ve done all the parts you mentioned on this blog and my wart has turned black now. But, the thing is, I am still waiting for it to drop off by itself, but nothing yet happen. It has been three weeks now with the ACV treatment and the callus around the wart is getting bigger with the wart in the middle black in color. I don’t want to file it down, fear that I might bring back the wart virus and they would grow back again. The nail polish didn’t quite work for me since my feet is sweaty some times. I just apply the cotton soaked with ACV during sleep time only.


    1. Velda

      OK, in our experience you need to wait til it turns black, then do the nail polish thing without ACV. If nail polish doesn’t work for you, maybe you can find something else that will totally seal off the wart?

      Try not to put the ACV on your healthy skin.


  5. Princess

    Hei Velda
    I need some help here in understanding. I’m having a wart in my vulva between major and minor lips of my vigina.Now I’ve been using tea tree oil and a banana peel during the day at night I apply acv and tea tree oil,I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and it’s starting to turn brownish. Does this mean the wart is dying? Shall I continue with the method am using?
    I’ve heard that if a wart turns black it’s dying but what if it turns brownish and the sarounding area is white?
    Please help me Velda please


  6. Dab247

    I have a wart on the inside of my hand on the knuckle..so embarrassing,ive tried many methods.ive tried the wart removal liquid,applecider vinegar and now nail polish…I have cut it off a few weeks ago and it’s even with my skin..I no longer get any black spots in it but occasionally it grows back a little bit..it’s always been tiny but I still want it gone..does this mean it’s going away?


  7. Tami

    ACV and Sally Hansen quick dry clear nail polish!! If you saw what my teen ballerinaโ€™s two warts had become on her foot within 2 months of various treatments failures, you would NOT believe it! Giant silver dollar whitish hideous! The ACV for 4 days began the browning of the capillaries. Then the layers of nail polish, peeling them off each night and adding more. Yes it stung somewhat. We took photos every night so we could document the changes and it was truly amazing! So thankful we followed Veldaโ€™s tips! And just in time because my girlie could not put her pointe shoes on and she is the lead role in the Nutcracker Ballet of her company! Many many thanks!!


  8. Anita

    This may be a silly question, but I will ask anyway. And just to let you know, I did not read every comment that was sent, so if there is an answer to this, I did not read it. Is there a difference if I do the acv with duck tap process during the day or dose it have to be in the evening bedtime?


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