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My son had some rather interesting things to say in this morning's family prayers. Usually he prays that we'll be happy. This time he prayed that we would be good so we could be happy. And afterward he told us about it. "I just realized that doing the things that are fun and make you happy don't always make you good, but being good always ends up making you happy." Love that little guy.

Two stories

“There are two stories of your life. One is the informative, and the other is the narrative…” -Mary She says the story I like to tell myself is that I’m ridiculously happy and I play […]


Mary: “Ewwww! I just found the most disturbing thing on the carpet. It looks like a dead bug.” Me: “You know what I do when I find a dead bug on the carpet?” Mary: “What?” […]

Skinny Jeans

Mary: “I don’t think skinny jeans are trendy anymore.” Me: “Oh yeah? Well, I don’t care much about trends myself.” Mary: “Me neither. Trends are just like a wave that washes away.” Glad she’s learning […]


Hi, I’m Mary and I’m new. I just got encouraged by my mom to write down my thoughts. Because we looked at mom’s old posts, and realized how fun it was to read our old stories. […]