Mother’s Day Awesomeness

I think my kids love me 🙂

A story behind the flower pen: I’d posted this on Facebook on April 30th —

Kids: (bickering for five minutes straight)
Me: *simply looks at kids with wide eyes*
Ethan: “Mom’s right. This is a dumb argument.”
Mary : “Yeah, it is. Sorry about that.”

Me: 😀

I love being a mom. 🙂

I found out moments afterward what they were arguing about: a gluestick. To make mother’s day presents for me. What a couple of cuties!

I used to feel guilty on Mother’s day, thinking I wasn’t doing enough somehow. Well, these days I _know_ I can’t do enough, but thankfully, the Lord makes up the rest. I did have a lump in my throat when we sang, “Families can Be Together Forever” — but other than that, today I was just happy to know I’ve got two sweet kids who love me.

Happy Mother’s Day, all. 🙂

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