Tip of the Tongue…

Convo with the kids tonight:

Me: “Alright, so how about groccoli and bapes? Er, broccoli and … guh. You know what I mean.”

Mary: “Sounds like you’ve picked up on your Dad’s scent.”

Ethan and I exchanged glances then busted up

Me: “Whew, Dad, I can smell him all the way from here!”

Ethan: “Maybe you meant ‘You’ve inherited your Dad’s genes!'”

Mary: “Oh yeah! That. I just didn’t have time to look up the right words.”

Me: “So how do you ‘look up’ what you’re going to say?”

Mary: “Well, usually I just pause and try to think of the right words. But if I really want to sound confident, I don’t pause at all.”

Ethan and I smiled and then laughed more, and Mary laughed with us. We had a really fun evening joking around with each other, playing with legos, eating cereal for dinner (no bapes for us today!) and cleaning up.

Said Ethan as he was falling asleep, “You know, Mom, I think we all took a step closer to each other today.”

Can’t say I disagree. 🙂

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