Who wants to be a Happiness Engineer?

Who would want to be a millionaire when you could be a Happiness Engineer? If you know me at all, you know I love my job. A lot of you have asked how you can work here, too, or whether there’s a college class you can take. Here’s my answer:

Happiness Engineers need intuition, critical thinking, a sense of community, a dose of creativity, and some solid self-discipline. Above all, they need the ability to communicate effectively.

They also need to know WordPress!

So if you want to learn WordPress.com well enough to apply, while demonstrating those qualities we seek, here are a few things you can try:

1. Go to http://learn.wordpress.com and spend some time working through those steps. Then start writing. Write the things you care about; write responses to Plinky. But write about your WordPress experience, too. What’s working for you? What doesn’t, and how do you work through it?

2. Go to http://en.support.wordpress.com . Do a little exploring; try some new things. Be creative. Demonstrate that intuition. And again, if you find something that doesn’t work as you expect it to, how do you go about finding solutions?

3. Connect with other WordPress.com users. If you’ve followed through the learn.wordpress.com tutorials, you’re already doing this to some extent. What questions do other users have? How would you answer them?

Then apply early, and apply often. If at first you don’t succeed but you still want to be an Automattician, find that room for improvement, then try again. I did, and I wouldn’t do it any other way.

WordCamp SLC

You might not realize this, but WordCamp changed my life. I went in 2008, only curious about WordPress at the time. I knew some hosting customers used it and loved it. And it seemed nice.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to convince my then-husband that I needed a Saturday off.
But my friend Joseph who had organized the camp urged me to give it a try if I could. It nothing else, it was only one day, only $20, and it came with a free shirt and a BBQ lunch.

picture of my most recent WordCamp lunch

So I went. And I loved it. It started me on a different road, and that (as Frost said) has made all the difference.

Can I promise the same for you? I don’t know. But I do know I can promise lunch & a cool shirt. WordCamp SLC is on September 21. Let me know if you’re coming. 🙂

Don’t call me fat ;)

Backing up my claims that I feel much healthier at 185 (BMI 29) than I did trying desperately to get to 130 (BMI 22) in 2010-2011…

The study, by Katherine M. Flegal and her associates at the C.D.C. and the National Institutes of Health, found that all adults categorized as overweight and most of those categorized as obese have a lower mortality risk than so-called normal-weight individuals. If the government were to redefine normal weight as one that doesn’t increase the risk of death, then about 130 million of the 165 million American adults currently categorized as overweight and obese would be re-categorized as normal weight instead.

via Our Imaginary Weight Problem – NYTimes.com.

Fixing a Paneled Door

As much as the kids and I love the new place, the door has been absolutely dismal with peeling paint, tape marks, and dozens of inexplicable dents. When the property management company asked if I had any questions, the first one out of my mouth was, “May I fix the door?”

Well, I finally got around to it. It doesn’t look perfect, but it does look much better if I do say so myself.

dented door repaired
Before and after I fixed my front door. I’m liking it!

Now that’s a threshold I can carry myself over! Continue reading “Fixing a Paneled Door”

More Women, Please!

This is a test post more than anything, but when looking for something to upload, I found this photo I took at the Utah Open Source Conference. The conference was great! It’s getting bigger each year! But we still don’t see very many women there.

Women in tech: I know you’re out there, even in Utah. How can we make ourselves known?

Oh, Friday…

Bet you’ve always wondered what a cute Single Mormon Mommy does on a kidless Friday night. Let me count the adventures!

– Went out at 6 to my friend’s graduation open house, mainly so I could meet her dad who just flew in from Vietnam.
– Noticed that party ended at 7. Asked my brother if he wanted to go to a movie. He had plans. D’oh.
– Investigated a bug in the my software of choice.
– Logged on to Facebook to see if anyone had sent me a note or posted on my wall.
– Saw this; laughed really hard:

– Went back to Facebook; found a random singles event of Ultimate Frisbee in the Dark. Thus, I’m out.

I actually just really wanted to share that movie with you, but realized just how lonely I must seem for watching random youtube videos on a Friday night. Well, lonely I am. So ladies, hug your husbands if you’ve got them. Husbands, hug your wives. Parents, hug your kids. You’re lucky, you know.

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