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WordCamp SLC

You might not realize this, but WordCamp changed my life. I went in 2008, only curious about WordPress at the time. I knew some hosting customers used it and loved it. And it seemed nice. […]

Fixing a Paneled Door

As much as the kids and I love the new place, the door has been absolutely dismal with peeling paint, tape marks, and dozens of inexplicable dents. When the property management company asked if I had any questions, the first one out of my mouth was, “May I fix the door?”

Well, I finally got around to it. It doesn’t look perfect, but it does look much better if I do say so myself.

dented door repaired
Before and after I fixed my front door. I’m liking it!

Now that’s a threshold I can carry myself over!

Oh, Friday…

Bet you’ve always wondered what a cute Single Mormon Mommy does on a kidless Friday night. Let me count the adventures! – Went out at 6 to my friend’s graduation open house, mainly so I […]