The new resumé is up.

My last post detailed the problems I found with my old resumé, so I’m hoping this new one addresses them sufficiently. This is what I was after:

1) Job Titles don’t match experience: If the title doesn’t match, name the departments instead; the goal is to provide more meaning in fewer words.

2) Layout issues: With less content, I was able to add more space. I might still tweak fonts and spacing, but what I’ve got is actually based roughly on golden ratios in hopes for a more pleasing look.

3) Concerns about Education: Combined freelance work, volunteer work, and education into one section.

4) Too wordy: chopped out most of the content and replaced it with simple phrases stating what I did at various companies.

5) Communication: I tried to communicate at the top just what my value would be. I don’t know if I’ve got the words right, but I want to say right up front that my best feature is my wide range of experience.

And the new resume is here; the old one there. Let me know what you think.