Rethinking my Resumé

I haven’t really updated my resume since 2002 when a professional writer wrote some descriptions for me in exchange for some work. At that time, I didn’t feel like the “action phrases” really portrayed the value I would bring a company. They sounded fairly bombastic to me, but necessary anyway as far as I knew.

So I added a column and threw in some client comments thinking that would give a clearer message about who I am. It worked well. In fact, the other night when I was out with my UPHPU friends talking about my work situation, one of them suggested that technique saying they’d seen it on a friend’s resumé. I certainly wouldn’t claim I’m the only person in the world to think of that, but the idea was original to me when I did it.

Truth be told, I’d probably just throw in another line of experience if I could find the original file, but it’s nowhere to be found on the computers or disks I have here, and for some reason I can’t even copy and paste the text from this PDF. So I have to redo it somehow, and re-typing all of those words has me rethinking whether I need them all in the first place. Plus I’m wondering what other original ideas might help communicate my value to prospective employers, particularly since I consider my ability to creatively solve problems the most valuable of all my skills.

I’m finding as I do this, by the way, that my biggest weakness is letting a quest for perfection keep me from progressing! So I’m taking a bit of my own advice by setting some parameters as far as time limits and goals go, and aiming to do my best within those bounds. I want to have this done by Wednesday morning. Given that Monday is mostly gone and I have a full day Tuesday, I’m going to have to focus. Here’s what I don’t like about my current resumé:

1) My experience is far more broad than deep, so none of my job titles accurately portray what I’ve done at different companies.
2) The layout is not very attractive, given that I will most likely apply for positions that involve some design work.
3) I should mention something about education. However, the fact that I’m still in school is no doubt somewhat unattractive to the type of employer I’d like.
4) No one is going to read all of the way through it. Just try reading through it out loud. I stop about halfway through the second paragraph. Less is more.
5) I suppose a resumé is supposed to make me sound smart, hence the big pretentious words and phrases used here, but just how smart do I really sound if I’m unable to communicate who I am and what I can do for you?

So whether the end result is perfect or not, I would like a version of my resumé that solves these problems, done before Wednesday morning. Think I can do it?

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