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Fairy Tale Endings

Originally posted as a comment on Facebook, I figured I’d save these thoughts here where I can find them again easily: Perfect really is relative, it’s true, but I’m also thinking the perfect romantic relationship […]

As I have loved you…

I was thinking about this scripture (and the song we sing about it.) Someone once told me that to love one another as Christ loves us, we’ve got to consider a each person’s potential and love them for that, and they will change. The implication: if you can love someone’s potential enough, they’ll eventually grow into your expectations and be worthy of the love you give them.

Sloth vs Perfectionism

I had an interesting little twitter conversation on laziness and perfectionism this morning.  Twitter is a challenge for long-winded people like me, but the essence of the conversation is that a friend had said that the Sloth in her wouldn’t start the day’s projects because she couldn’t figure out where best to start.  To me that screams Perfectionist, not Sloth, though most of us who can identify with her distress have likely been called lazy ourselves, and may even believe we are.