Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk on Forget-me-nots

(If you’re looking for the talk itself, you can find it here.)

I went into Women’s conference today praying for some help, as I’m really struggling to get some things right lately, from dating, to making dinner, to responsive web design. And I’m really, really ridiculously tired all the time. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m overwhelmed, or if I’m overwhelmed because I’m so tired, but whatever it is, it’s giving me trouble.

During the opening song, I wrote in my journal, “[When] I start to think of all the things I must do […] my heart beats fast, and I quickly become exhausted and overwhelmed, to the point of needing a nap. I am praying for help.”

A little scan of my notes from today's talks

All through the RS presidency’s talks, only a few things stood out for me this time around, probably because I was tired and overwhelmed with my own pile of issues.

“True ministry is measured more by the depth of our charity than by the perfection of our statistics.” Julie Beck said that regarding visiting teaching, and I think it applies well to life, too. I don’t need to make excuses for my imperfections because frankly, we’re all imperfect, but I do need to be sure to try my best and keep my heart where it ought to be.

From Sylvia Allred’s talk: The more charity I have, the lighter my own burdens will seem. So, “… have patience with those who have let us down.” Next to this note, I wrote, “Including myself.” Oddly, the next page in my journal had a quote on patience: “Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself.”

Barbara Thompson talked about sticking to our covenants. I wrote, “Be faithful, and when my heart is troubled, give it over to the Lord for comfort, protection, and obstacle-removal.”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk really stuck with me, though; it was just what I needed tonight. It isn’t online yet, or I’d link to it, but to anyone who missed it, here are five things to never forget:

– Be patient with yourself. God knows you’re not perfect, and God also knows that person you’re comparing yourself is not perfect, so stop punishing yourself. Don’t forget your tiny successes — God doesn’t.

– The difference between good and foolish sacrifices. Need help differentiating? Ask: “Am I committing my time and energy to the things that matter most?”

– How to be happy now — Don’t put happiness on hold waiting for your “golden ticket.” Those who are most happy know how to see the beauty in everyday moments. Notice the blessings you have.

– The WHYs of the Gospel: Don’t just focus on the WHATs and HOWs. “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not an obligation, but a pathway.”

– How much the Lord loves you: YOU are not forgotten.

All of Women’s Conference was very much needed today, for me, but especially that last talk.


  1. gina

    I love how you take notes – So creative- recording your feelings in such a lovely way. Are you being patient with yourself? I need this gentle reminder myself every couple of days. It isn’t easy being a woman. Thanks for sharing.


    1. singlemormonmommy

      Hardly. I’m working on it, though. Ucthdorf’s talk today got me, too. I think I remember my own nothingness far too easily. But even when I’m feeling pretty low, I know the Lord loves me, and that His blessings are helping me along all the way.


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