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My family traditionally has a cookout at our favorite bridge in American Fork canyon when we’re all together, but sometimes the weather is just not cooperative. And when that happens, we turn to IHOP. I got to play with my new camera, too. 🙂 Enjoy these cute pictures of my nieces:


BOM Project: 2 Nephi: 7

So, sometimes I don’t even read chapters sequentially. Tonight I needed this. I was looking up something else for the kids at FHE and ran across this one instead. It’s Nephi’s copy of one of his favorite chapters from Isaiah (because those scriptures were valuable to him, too). Anyway I don’t want to go into […]


BOM Project: Omni

So I was going to dive right in to Mosiah, but since we’re talking about King Benjamin here, we might as well jump in where he’s truly introduced: in Omni. Omni is a strange book, again just one chapter. (I remember it being a pretty cool magazine, too.) Omni straight up admits he has not […]