Random breakfast conversations…

Sorry for the blogerrhea. We had a rather random conversation over breakfast (read: normal conversation at my house). I like where we ended up and I think it speaks well my point on keeping matters of faith out of school (not a popular topic among Christians like me.)

The kids and I were enjoying breakfast this morning when Ethan asked, “Mom, we can make pancakes from scratch, right?”
“And butter and syrup, too?”
“So we really don’t need to go to the store.”
“No, I can’t grow our wheat, here. And I don’t have chickens or cows for the milk & eggs, either.”
“Well, you could grow wheat, but you can’t grow a cow.”

So I asked what he meant. He said you need other cows to grow a cow. I reminded him that you also need other wheat to grow wheat. You can’t make life without life, and we wouldn’t have life without light.

“You can’t make something out of nothing.”
“Well, God did.”

Do you think God made something from nothing? I told them I figure that God has always existed and that there must have always been light and good — and that God knows what to do with it. “And darkness and evil?”

That led us to this little video, which, I understand, may or may not be true:

Whether or not Einstein really said or believed this, the child in this video makes a good point.

The makers of the video, however, shoot their argument right in the foot. The end of the video says “Religion is Knowledge Too” then “Bringing Religion Back to School” — but doesn’t this video start with a professor sharing HIS take on God? What if the little boy had, like the other children, accepted his scholarly authority on the topic? What if that professor really had convinced a room full of children that God is evil?

Look at our schools the way they’re set up now: you really don’t get much choice where your child attends or who their teacher will be, so why would anyone suppose they could choose what religion these teachers would preach? I’m all for religion at home — I’m trying, I am — and at church. And speaking of church, we gotta jet or we’ll be late. But if you were curious as to what this little religious momma’s take on religion in schools might be, there you have it.

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