BOM Project: 2 Nephi: 7

So, sometimes I don’t even read chapters sequentially. Tonight I needed this. I was looking up something else for the kids at FHE and ran across this one instead. It’s Nephi’s copy of one of his favorite chapters from Isaiah (because those scriptures were valuable to him, too).

Anyway I don’t want to go into too much detail, but suffice it to say, today was rough: I feel like I’m getting myself into a pretty mess, and all the struggling myself silly has only left me tired and still stuck in many ways. I don’t even know what this chapter is really supposed to mean, but tonight it meant this to me:

God didn’t cause my problems: I did (1). But the Lord still has power to deliver me just as He has power over earth (2) and heaven (3). I’m tired, but I can take it a day at a time; the Lord knows what I need to hear in every season if I’ll just heed His word (4). Christ opened his ears & heeded perfectly (5) and though he still suffered (6) he was strengthened (7). God will fight with us (8) and help us, so we don’t need to fret about those who would condemn us (9). So trust in the Lord and walk in His light (10) rather than trying to light the way myself (11).

Glad someone out there knows just what I needed to hear. 🙂

(PS: I also happened across Ether 12, starting in verse 6. Again, much needed.)

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