BOM Project: Mosiah 1

I’m really tired tonight. Ethan had a birthday and a bad chest cold yesterday, poor pumpkin. Got him fixed up as best I could with Sambucol, homemade soup, smoothies, and a Muppets Marathon. But just as I got him feeling better and settled to sleep, Mary woke up sick. Then after a few hours of sleep, I sent the kids to their dad’s and pulled an all-day-til-midnight shift at work to make up for what I’ve missed with sick kiddos.

So, I’m not going to comment much on this one. You can read along here if you’d like. Again, we’ve got a big emphasis on the importance of record keeping. Verse 8 made me smile. Many more things weren’t written in this book. So what we’ve got is the most important, and really these next few chapters where King Benjamin addresses his people … well, they are pretty awesome.

For some reason I never noticed verse 11 where he says he’s going to give the people a new name. This had me wondering “Well what is it?” … but I should have known 😀

I’m fall-on-my-head tired now, though. More tomorrow!

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