BOM project: Words of Mormon

Day one. As I mentioned in the previous post, my kids and I have made a habit of reading scriptures non-sequentially. Think of it this way: you’re reading your Bible and get stuck in Numbers every time (we have). Same thing seems to happen to a lot of LDS people with 2nd Nephi and the Isaiah chapters (though personally I adore Isaiah!) What if you just treated the separate books like they really are separate books and read them in whatever order you’d like? And if you get stuck for a while, finish up the book you’re in, then start one that catches your interest? It seems to be working well for us. The kids and I are reading the New Testament together this way right now, and I’m also starting again with the Book of Mormon.

So today I’m starting with “Words of Mormon” which has only one chapter. It goes pretty well with the intro video I posted, too. Basically, Mormon’s inserting his commentary between the records he was editing. Mormon is the second-to-last prophet in this history, and he’s just about to give this project over to his son. He’s tried to keep only the most important details in this book, and which details should he choose but the people’s dealings with God?

That’s another reason I’m going to try to be more real about my spirituality in my blog. Faith & family really are the most important aspects of my life and I want to keep these memories safe & real. Mormon kept his most important materials on gold plates so they would last. I’m hoping to keep mine at Vaultpress.

Anyway, Mormon’s whole society is about to be wiped out. He knows he and his people are going to be gone soon because of their terrible war, which only came about because of the evil in their hearts. Past societies — like King Benjamin’s which he introduces now — were able to garner enough humility to correct their problems and have peace. And it took a lot of hard work. These stories of King Benjamin (in the book of Mosiah) are among my favorites, so I guess I know what I’ll be reading next!

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