Playing with Kels’ Camera

So… I’ve neglected the photography section of my blog for a long time. The truth is, I started out with a pretty decent Nikon CoolPix 5700… or it was cool, at least, when I bought it. When that broke, I downgraded to a tiny little Canon Elph. And when that broke, I started using just my Droid. Sadness. I even had the money saved up for a new camera, but couldn’t bring myself to actually buy it.

Then I got to take a few pictures at work. Kels let me borrow his camera, and this is what I got. Not the typical plants and bugs like I like to shoot, but the wannabe-industrial-designer in me had a heyday.

So… I bought a camera the next day. 😀 It’s a Canon 60d and I bought a nice Tamron lens to go with it. Just getting to know it now, but hopefully I’ll get some fun pictures posted soon.

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