Flying low…

D’oh! I totally missed the last launch this morning because this plane caught my attention as it was circling over my town. I wonder what they were up to?

qb-067 plane
Looks to be a Marine QB-067. Or maybe a QB-8067 if there is such thing.

A man and his best friend

This is my friend with his dog, Rocket. I wasn’t happy with how these pictures worked. I need to figure my camera out, particularly when it comes to shooting people. But in spite of my lack of technical ability, it’s clear these two are good buddies. 🙂

Rocket wishing he could eat me
I need to learn to use my camera better. Thanks DtD for letting me take so many pictures!

WB Fails and a blue-eyed boy

I shot a bunch of pictures at another family party recently. Not many of them turned out very well, but they should be great for the memories. My nephew had just scraped his little hands (hence the less-than-happy look on his face) and was standing in the doorway watching me get ready to take pictures of his baby sister in the shade. The inside of the house behind him was relatively dark, the indirect light of a sunny afternoon fairly bright, and the sky reflected nicely in his eyes. And I sort of like the way the blue is emphasized by my accidental failure to correct the white balance. I’d like to try taking more shots like this.

He's got the blues. But I sort of like the look...

For contrast, here’s the same boy eating some cantaloupe in a sunny living room, likely needing some white-balance correction in the other direction. I like this shot, too, but I think the other has an entirely different feel.

A boy and his cantaloupe 🙂

Pokéfans and the Not-so-Sleepy Nieces

Just a couple of fun pictures from a recent family party. The lighting was pretty awful, but I thought these captured the essence of these particular boys and girls anyhow.

Playing Pokémon on the DSI
Do we have to go to bed?

Can’t take the sky from me

I don’t remember who told me that real photographers don’t shoot sunsets because they’re too common. It’s true that all it takes is an appreciative eye and a camera — I’m not the real artist. But so it goes for most of the photos I take, and I love the sky especially. Particularly after my lovely little walk last night. Enjoy.

Sunset over the neighborhood pond
Sunset over the neighborhood pond

(Oh, and yes of course, the title here is from Firefly’s theme song.)

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