Admittedly, my photos aren’t the best out there; in fact they’re far from it. My little point and shoot camera isn’t much to speak of. But every now and then I end up with a photo I like… not because my technique is so amazing (someday I hope to get better at that) or that the photo is so well done, but just that it really does MEAN something to me. Even if I still type a thousand words to go with it ;-)

I also do a little bit of contract photography, so I’ll file those items here as well.

A man and his best friend

This is my friend with his dog, Rocket. I wasn’t happy with how these pictures worked. I need to figure my camera out, particularly when it comes to shooting people. But in spite of my lack of technical ability, it’s clear these two are good buddies. 🙂


WB Fails and a blue-eyed boy

I shot a bunch of pictures at another family party recently. Not many of them turned out very well, but they should be great for the memories. My nephew had just scraped his little hands (hence the less-than-happy look on his face) and was standing in the doorway watching me get ready to take pictures […]


Can’t take the sky from me

I don’t remember who told me that real photographers don’t shoot sunsets because they’re too common. It’s true that all it takes is an appreciative eye and a camera — I’m not the real artist. But so it goes for most of the photos I take, and I love the sky especially. Particularly after my […]


Playing with Kels’ Camera

So… I’ve neglected the photography section of my blog for a long time. The truth is, I started out with a pretty decent Nikon CoolPix 5700… or it was cool, at least, when I bought it. When that broke, I downgraded to a tiny little Canon Elph. And when that broke, I started using just […]



Amid the wreckage of clashing goals and deadlines, I beheld the sky This was taken with my droid. I was laying on the grass at UVU, having just finished a lab project that left me with 45 minutes — not enough time to go back to work, but enough time (given all the many things […]


Big Moon

Now really, why DOES the moon look so much bigger with our eyes than it does with a camera? And why does it look so huge on the horizon, but tiny when it’s high in the sky? I read a web page once that speculated over some theories, and love this comic on the shrinking-moon […]



I don’t know whether this was in direct response to my tweet or not, but just look what Aperture Science sent me for Valentine’s Day! That’s my favorite of dozens of shots. Yeah, it’s safe to say I really dig flowers. And they were a very nice surprise, as I certainly wasn’t expecting anything for […]