Admittedly, my photos aren’t the best out there; in fact they’re far from it. My little point and shoot camera isn’t much to speak of. But every now and then I end up with a photo I like… not because my technique is so amazing (someday I hope to get better at that) or that the photo is so well done, but just that it really does MEAN something to me. Even if I still type a thousand words to go with it ;-)

I also do a little bit of contract photography, so I’ll file those items here as well.

Scared? Try a camera.

My security blanket is my camera. I found this little lady on my door jam this morning, but was afraid to try to step on her in my barely-there sandals, so I just instructed the kids to keep their distance and I’d deal with her after I’d taken them to school. But even with shoes […]



Here’s a bee making sure we’ll have seeds to plant from Ethan’s awesome sunflower: The kids are very excited about planting a row of these in our garden next spring. Here’s hoping they’ll actually work.


Tribulus Terrestris

What is this? A goathead? A sticker-weed? Punctureweed? Thorn plant? Professor Harris, who taught my Biology this past semester, said that some people call it a Caltrop, but I think the scientific name is most appropriate. Tribulus Terrestris… Tribulation of the Earth. Isn’t it the truth?  And yet when I hear the word Tribulation, it’s […]


Thistle do…

Ever noticed in the movie that Horton’s clover looked much more like a thistle? I painted a clover in class today and it looks nothing like the clover in the movie. But this thistle I found on my way home does: I’ll scan the clover painting when I get it back 🙂


Devil in the Details…

I could not figure out for the life of me why this grasshopper was so willing to pose for me. I snapped a half dozen photos or so and he hardly moved; certainly didn’t jump out of the way when I got up close or one like this. It didn’t dawn on me until I […]


A Three Dollar Apology

How many women out there swoon for flowers? Could I be the only one? Knowing these roses-in-the-rough cost less than three bucks helps me to keep the gesture in perspective enough to know I must watch for true penitence. And of course, even if had they cost thirty or three hundred dollars, an apology simply […]


Stinky Cheese

I’m a fan of all kinds of cheese, particularly when I’ve got some fruit to enjoy it with. And the other day I was craving some cheddar ‘squeaky’ curds. Given the choice between Cache Valley and Gossner, I’d pick Cache Valley any day. But I wasn’t given that choice, so Gossner it was. And as […]


Let it Snow!

So I realized that for a person who likes taking photos, I’ve posted a very small percentage of the ones I like.  And that’s something I intend to fix. So interspersed with every-day type  photos that might be a bit ho-hum, I’m throwing in a few of my favorites. This is a photo I took […]


Chinese Clematis

Update: We figured out what this is called! 🙂 And it’s bad news! But I still think it looks pretty neat. Name that Plant! What wild flower (read: interesting weed) starts out as a curly vine, sports lantern-shape buds that blossom into nodding yellow flowers, opens up to expose long tendrils that look like some […]