A Three Dollar Apology

Rose colored glasses do make the world a prettier place.
Rose colored glasses can't be all that bad, right?
How many women out there swoon for flowers? Could I be the only one? Knowing these roses-in-the-rough cost less than three bucks helps me to keep the gesture in perspective enough to know I must watch for true penitence. And of course, even if had they cost thirty or three hundred dollars, an apology simply can’t be bought. But try as I might to remind myself they weren’t enough, I couldn’t help but adore their beauty and snap a photograph to remember them before they wilted away.

Guys, if you’re really very sorry, say so, and then show your sweetie you love her in word and consistent deed. Flowers bode much better when you’re just buying them because you love her and not because you’re trying to beg forgiveness. My suggestion? If you must buy flowers, order them online, and while you’re waiting for the bouquet to arrive, make a concerted effort to actually understand how she feels. Give her support, trust, appreciation, respect, empathy, and dedication. If she’s feeling better the next day, a surprise bouquet will be more likely to have its intended effect.

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