I don’t know whether this was in direct response to my tweet or not, but just look what Aperture Science sent me for Valentine’s Day!

Daisies, tulips, and more, courtesy of Aperture Science
Did I ever tell you I love flowers? Yeah, I'm such a girl.

That’s my favorite of dozens of shots. Yeah, it’s safe to say I really dig flowers. And they were a very nice surprise, as I certainly wasn’t expecting anything for Valentine’s Day but the Blue Canary Nightlight I’d bought myself. And the card made me laugh, too. I still need to get a better picture of it, but you can find a printable version here… I got the dopamine one.

I asked the guy who introduced me to Portal (which I still need to finish, incidentally!) if he might know who sent them. His response: “I’m pretty sure the flowers are part of a malevolent social experiment by a twisted AI, but it’s always hard to tell with these things.” Well, twisted AI or not, the flowers are lovely. 🙂


Here’s a bee making sure we’ll have seeds to plant from Ethan’s awesome sunflower:

Cool orangey-red and yellow bee all pollened up..
Cool orangey-red and yellow bee all pollened up..

The kids are very excited about planting a row of these in our garden next spring. Here’s hoping they’ll actually work.

A Three Dollar Apology

Rose colored glasses do make the world a prettier place.
Rose colored glasses can't be all that bad, right?
How many women out there swoon for flowers? Could I be the only one? Knowing these roses-in-the-rough cost less than three bucks helps me to keep the gesture in perspective enough to know I must watch for true penitence. And of course, even if had they cost thirty or three hundred dollars, an apology simply can’t be bought. But try as I might to remind myself they weren’t enough, I couldn’t help but adore their beauty and snap a photograph to remember them before they wilted away.

Guys, if you’re really very sorry, say so, and then show your sweetie you love her in word and consistent deed. Flowers bode much better when you’re just buying them because you love her and not because you’re trying to beg forgiveness. My suggestion? If you must buy flowers, order them online, and while you’re waiting for the bouquet to arrive, make a concerted effort to actually understand how she feels. Give her support, trust, appreciation, respect, empathy, and dedication. If she’s feeling better the next day, a surprise bouquet will be more likely to have its intended effect.

Chinese Clematis

Mystery Blossom, final stage
Mystery Blossom, final stage, also in September

Update: We figured out what this is called! 🙂 And it’s bad news! But I still think it looks pretty neat.

Name that Plant! What wild flower (read: interesting weed) starts out as a curly vine, sports lantern-shape buds that blossom into nodding yellow flowers, opens up to expose long tendrils that look like some whimsical version of the snakes on medusa’s head, and ends as fluffy as a feather? You tell me! I’ve seen this plant while hiking, and it looks to me less like a wildflower from Utah than it looks like it could have come straight from Whoville. Continue reading “Chinese Clematis”

Lilacs Bloomed Every Spring

Lilacs Bloomed Every Spring, Just like before… I loved that eerie song about the Soldier Boy by John Rutter. We sang it in our SATB choir in either Highschool or Junior High. I’ll type the full lyrics if I can remember them. But more than the song I like Lilacs! Here are seven pictures, including my favorite: the six-fingered mutant lilac!

Its the six fingered lilac!
See anything wrong with this lilac?

Update: For anyone who found this page googling for the song Soldier Boy, I found a lovely recording of it here. And here is a sample of the recording — certainly the best I’ve come across!

Continue reading “Lilacs Bloomed Every Spring”

Mini Bouquet

Today the kids and I walked to the back of the yard and into the field, where we found ladybugs, dandelions, speckled rocks, forget-me-nots, and all sorts of tiny wild flowers. I couldn’t catch a picture of the ladybugs but here’s a mini-bouquet I picked and Mary flaunting a dandelion she found. TGIS – Thank goodness it’s Spring 🙂

Miniature Bouquet of Field Flowers
Miniature Bouquet of Field Flowers

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