Moss Ledge

This was described as a pretty easy hike. I didn’t think so. It was fairly short; in fact the rest of the group went on to hike farther up the mountain while I sat reading a book in front of the falls. But it was steep and slippery in some places. I’m not used to actually having to climb up rocks with my arms and legs (I’m not in the best shape), and truth be told, I’m scared of heights. Between that and the fact that my shoes were super slippery on the wet rocks, I thought I was going to die. But I didn’t (thanks to the fearless hiking group leader, @eltiare) and because I didn’t, you can enjoy this less-than-stellar photo of a really pretty waterfall! 🙂 It was getting a little dark for my wee little camera.

Anyway, I’m glad I went. It was good exercise and a nice way to enjoy nature. Besides, it had been a while since my legs turned to jello.

A not so great pic of a really pretty watefall
A not so great pic of a really pretty watefall


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