Stinky Cheese

I’m a fan of all kinds of cheese, particularly when I’ve got some fruit to enjoy it with. And the other day I was craving some cheddar ‘squeaky’ curds. Given the choice between Cache Valley and Gossner, I’d pick Cache Valley any day. But I wasn’t given that choice, so Gossner it was.

And as I ate some curds with a crispy braeburn this morning, I thought, hmm, needs salt. Hmm, not quite as moist as I’d expect a curd to be. Hmm hmm hmm. But they were better than no cheese, and they complimented my apple nicely.

Then I noticed my grocery receipt. Apparently the folks at Macey’s prefer Cache Valley too…

I didnt think they were THAT bad.
I didn't think they were THAT bad.


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