WB Fails and a blue-eyed boy

I shot a bunch of pictures at another family party recently. Not many of them turned out very well, but they should be great for the memories. My nephew had just scraped his little hands (hence the less-than-happy look on his face) and was standing in the doorway watching me get ready to take pictures of his baby sister in the shade. The inside of the house behind him was relatively dark, the indirect light of a sunny afternoon fairly bright, and the sky reflected nicely in his eyes. And I sort of like the way the blue is emphasized by my accidental failure to correct the white balance. I’d like to try taking more shots like this.

He's got the blues. But I sort of like the look...

For contrast, here’s the same boy eating some cantaloupe in a sunny living room, likely needing some white-balance correction in the other direction. I like this shot, too, but I think the other has an entirely different feel.

A boy and his cantaloupe 🙂