Amid the wreckage
of clashing goals and deadlines,
I beheld the sky


This was taken with my droid. I was laying on the grass at UVU, having just finished a lab project that left me with 45 minutes — not enough time to go back to work, but enough time (given all the many things I had to do that day), that I was in a total panic over wasting it. So at the advice of a good friend, I bought myself a brownie, laid down in the sun, and focused on remembering to breathe. And of course once I had the breathing part down, I took a picture, and wrote a poem.

Since I haven’t been blogging much lately, I figured I might as well share it here. Things will be a bit calmer for me soon: Blendtec’s old graphic designer suddenly quit while I was at South by Southwest, leaving several unfinished projects with looming deadlines. I’ve been pinch-hitting for almost a month now, and that’s been lots of fun. Quite the adventure, too, since I’ve been doing all kinds of things I’d never done before. I have to admit I’m terribly excited for our new designer to join us sometime in the next few weeks.

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