Stories of My Life

AKA “the blog” – this is a hodge-podge mixup of everything else I feel like posting.


OK. I’m gonna be honest. I feel absolutely lousy today. So I tell myself, well, being grumpy won’t make you feel better — cheer up, right? And then I try extra hard to be cheerful. But it’s hard to be cheerful when it freaking hurts to breathe. And that makes me sad, and then I […]


Green Smoothie Dreams

Yesterday a couple of my kids’ friends came over to play (I’ll use shortened versions of their names). As soon as they’d walked in the door: Mary: “So… have you ever tried a green smoothie?” Sh.: “Green Smoothie? No.” Co: “Do you guys have a BLENDTEC?” Ethan: “YEAH! My mom works there!” Co: “That’s what […]


mini bagel pizzas

Hi! I’m Ethan, and I’d like to tell you how to make very yummy mini bagel pizzas. You’ll need: bagels, marinara sauce, cheese (optional), mini pepperoni (optional), and other toppings you like on pizza (optional). 1.Take a bagel, split it in half. 2.Get a spoon, spread sauce on the bagel. 3.(optional) Shred some cheese, sprinkle it on […]



I took the kids and their friend to a pizza place today — the first buffet we’ve visited in a very long time. In fact last time, it seems Mary was too short to even read the signs, so this was a new experience for us. Today she ate a salad, got herself a breadstick, […]


Just before dinner…

I didn’t get to hear the whole conversation because I was dealing with burned broccoli (yes, I win homemaker of the year award) but it went something like this: Mary: “{insert some lengthy explanation here}” Ethan: “What?” Mary: “{expounds on lengthy explanation}” Ethan: “I don’t get it.” Mary “{slightly more concise version of explanation}” Ethan: […]