Green Smoothie Dreams

Yesterday a couple of my kids’ friends came over to play (I’ll use shortened versions of their names). As soon as they’d walked in the door:

Mary: “So… have you ever tried a green smoothie?”
Sh.: “Green Smoothie? No.”
Co: “Do you guys have a BLENDTEC?”
Ethan: “YEAH! My mom works there!”
Co: “That’s what my mom said!”
Sh: “AWESOME! Those are the best blenders! I love the one where they blend the action figures!”
Mary: “Oh yeah. That Chuck-o-Rama guy is hilarious.”
Me: “Chuck Norris?”
Mary: “Yeah. That guy.”

Technically we aren’t even supposed to use his name, in fact the video says “Good guys” and “Bad Guys” at this point after Chuck’s beard… er… lawyers got mad. Still, this time the question isn’t so much, “Will it Blend?” as it is, “Will two eight year olds and two nine year olds willingly drink Spinach?”

So as soon as I finished the project I was on, I made them smoothies, of course. Or as I like to call them, “green juicies” — since I’m not a fan of thick green drinks. I kept them simple with pineapple & pineapple juice, orange, orange-flavored-vitamin-C tablets, two big handfuls of spinach, and some ice. Threw it in my WildSide jar and blended for a few seconds through the Whole Juice cycle until all the spinach was pulverized. They were amazed. It would have been sweeter had I not been out of bananas; still, all four kids went wild for the blend and absolutely loved their drinks. Hopefully I didn’t ruin their dinners. 🙂

Apparently this whole thing made a big impression on Mary though. She slept on my bedroom floor last night (long story for another day), and around 2am she started sleep talking. She gave out our green smoothie recipe again and relived sharing them with her friends. I guess we’ll have to do that kind of thing more often 😀

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