Experimenting with freezer prep

So, just me again sharing my adventures in quarantine. My daughter is moving out in a few weeks, leaving me an empty nester. I really don’t enjoy cooking for one, and I’ve learned even with Mary here that even cooking for two sometimes feels like too much bother. So, I’m trying freezer meals. Today, it’s […]


Simple Bean Soup

“What’s in the beans tonight, mom?” “Oh… a little bit of this and that.” “Yes! I LOVE that flavor!” — At OpenWest, my friend Joseph Hall has talked about Computational Gastronomy and Cooking Like an Engineer. I don’t cook like an engineer, ever. If anything, I cook like an abstract expressionist. My daughter recently listed […]


Eating Our Veggies

The kids and I are resolving to go back to eating more fruits and veggies.  We’ve done this before, so I’m just writing a few notes for things that helped us make it work before, and will hopefully help us make it work again: 1) Make veggies the main dish rather than an afterthought. We […]