Experimenting with freezer prep

So, just me again sharing my adventures in quarantine. My daughter is moving out in a few weeks, leaving me an empty nester.

I really don’t enjoy cooking for one, and I’ve learned even with Mary here that even cooking for two sometimes feels like too much bother. So, I’m trying freezer meals.

Today, it’s vegan mac & cheese. I used this recipe. It definitely feels like mac & cheese. I’m not sure the taste is all the way there yet. Needs that tangy, agey flavor. Amy’s has a vegan rice mac & cheese with a vegan substitute. That tastes more homey and real than this. But this is good too. And that has gone up to over four dollars per serving.

I decided to stretch things out a little bit and add more veggies, which may be weird because basically everything I eat is veggies now. I mean the cheese recipe base is carrots and potatoes.

Vegan Mac and Cheese on Rice Pasta

It all tasted fine. And I hope to learn how to make the next batch better.

Next we get to find out how well it freezes. I’ve ordered some freezer meal prep boxes, so I scooped servings into four of those before my daughter and I ate the rest. I’ll update when I know how that microwaves.

If anyone has good tips on freezer meals, share away. This is a new chapter for me and I’m happy to learn what I can.

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