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Red Beans & Lentils

Tonight after dinner I turned to my son and said, “Would you put away the leftovers?”

He raised his eyebrow and said, “Do you mean put them in the fridge, or put away the leftovers?”

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Zucchini Monster Soup

Last night at a tech meetup, my friend and I traded some of our harvests. I ended up with two big zucchini… you know, the kind that stayed on the vine oh… about 10 minutes too long? This is one of my favorite zucchini tricks.

White Chocolate Popcorn

I’d originally posted this for Halloween, but the same treat works just as well for other holidays. For Christmas, I’ve tried and thoroughly enjoyed the same recipe with candy-cane bits instead of reeses pieces. My coworker said White Chocolate Popcorn sounds disgusting, but if you like caramel corn or anything like it, you should give this easy trick a try.

Quick Candy Nests

A simple twist to your basic marshmallow crispie treats will have the kids chirping in a matter of minutes. Perfect for spring or easter treats. They’re even made with whole grains (and some fat and sugar ;-)).

“Kool” colors for icing

From your favorite cake-decorating fanatic (at least fanatic for being as crappy as I am with an icing-bag): here’s a great trick for your next batch of frosting.


I made this recipe up for the Pillsbury Bakeoff.  I didn’t win anything, but they ARE good.    You can add chopped Jalapeno too, if you like it spicier. 1 8oz package softened Neufchatel or cream […]

Almond Roca

This is a great treat for Valentines Day. It’s really easy to make and inexpensive for large batches. 2 Cups Sugar 2 Cups Almond Slices (or Slivers) – You can also do this with Pecans! […]