SpongeBob Piñata and Other SpongeBob Square Party Ideas

So your kids are into spongebob, and you’re into easy parties? Here are a few quick ideas, including a super simple Sponge Bob piñata.

We’re actually doing this party for my husband’s birthday, just a tiny celebration for the four of us this time. Its amazing how easily the ideas flowed today, and how quickly things went together. Maybe its that I’m not secretly stressed about other kids moms thinking I’m an insufficient parent ;-p

Anyway, as long as the creative juices are on tap, I figured I’d share a round with you:

Bubble Blowing Contest

Need I say more? For younger kids, just set out a bubble blower and let them go to town.

Musical Jellyfish

Use throw pillows instead of chairs. There’s a sponge bob episode where he jams with the jellyfish for a while. This would be ideal music.

A meal fit for Neptune

Dollar menu hamburgers

Sundaes with a variety of toppings

Sponge Bob Square Pants Crispie Treats

    You’ll need:

  • Items needed for your favorite rice crispie recipe (Save a few marshmallows to make glue)
  • Yellow food coloring paste
  • Red shoestring licorice
  • White Airheads taffy (Mystery flavor)
  • Blue Airheads taffy (Blue raspberry I think)
  • Chocolate Chips
  • 13×9 cake pan

Roll the taffy into thin, flat pieces. Cut out circles for eyes and white squares for buck teeth. You’ll want to use a little melted marshmallow to fix the blue irises to the white eyes.

Dye a batch of rice crispie treats bright yellow (add the dye as the marshmallows are melting). Press most of the mixture into a buttered cake pan, and cut score lines where you’ll be cutting the treats. Roll some of the mixture into a ‘rope’ ,cut off pieces for sponge bob noses, and push one into each treat.

Using a little frosting or a few melted marshmallows, attach the eyes, cut pieces of red licorice for the mouth and freckles; attach teeth. And then add chocolate chip pupils. If you wanted to, you could use black shoestring licorice for eyelashes too. Put each spongebob in a treat bag so it doesn’t dry out and get nasty.

You could probably convert this idea into a cake quite easily, too. I’d use a yellow mix and slice the top crust and edges off, and brush with a thin clear glaze. You’d probably have to draw the nose with decorator gel though, and outline the eyes as well.

Spongebob Square Pants Piñata

    You’ll need:

  • White paper
  • Sharpie markers in red and black. If you have olive green for his spots, perfect.
  • Light blue crayon, marker colored pencil, or sharpie
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Two solid yellow gift bags with handles (Same size, medium or large depending on your party)
  • Clear tape (Packing tape works)
  • Filler candy & toys
    • Ideas: Bubble gum (reminiscent of the Bubble Buddy episode), gummy crabby patties, sponge bob fruit snacks, jelly bracelets, Swedish fish, chocolate coins

    Decorate one bag as spongebob’s face. For mine, I traced circles for eyes, drew an oval over it for a nose, and circles for cheeks. I added detail, cut the eyes like so, pasted them to the bag, and markered in the facial features. Bear in mind, this doesn’t have to look perfect. The kids are going to be breaking it to pieces anyway.

    Cutting out the eye shapes
    Cutting out Spongebob shaped eyes
    How to make a sponge bob Piñata
    Now you have two bags, with one of them decorated like sponge bob

    Cut the handles off the undecorated bag for the bottom of the piñata. Fill it with candy, etc. Carefully slide the bag with Sponge Bob on it over the filled bag.

    Easy Spongebob Pinata - almost done!
    Slide Spongebobs face over the bottom half of the pinata
    Sponge Bob Piñata
    Finished Sponge Bob Square Pants Pinata!

    Turn the whole thing right side up and tape it into place. If your kids are older and tougher, or if the bags are large enough that they’d be a little weak, add extra tape for reinforcement so the piñata will be harder to break. Hang it up by the handles, and that’s it!

    And finally…

    Stand up tall, put on a big cheesy SpongeBob Squarepants grin, and shout “I’m READY!”


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