Origami, Kirigami, and Evil Mad Scientists

My kids have been crazy about origami for a while, and today I found out there’s a better term for cutting out paper snowflakes and stars: Kirigami. Who knew?! Apparently plenty of people. But how can you do origami so close to Earth Day, knowing you’re senselessly killing trees? Actually, much as I love trees, I don’t think our adventures in origami is really going to kill the trees. Neighbors who hate my cottonwoods, maybe. But origami, not so much. That said, our home gets so full of little paper creations I’m welcoming a little break, and since the school’s discouraging the kids from using paper or excessive electricity this week (read: playing wii) I had to come up with another solution. Check this out, from the Evil Mad Scientists Lab, Edible Origami! Fabulous! I am sure that if I weren’t entirely sick of winter at this point, I could make some super fly fried snowflakes too.

And here are some other ideas for edible origami, as well as a ton of ideas for origami and kirigami in general.

And in case you didn’t think Origami had any practical applications, just check out this awesome article about Dr. Robert Lang, from the crew at (darn) interesting.

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