Category: Favorite Links

You all know about facebook, twitter, and youtube. Here are some other sites I’ve found useful or fun.

Fair and Balanced — really!

Political discussions with my family are crazier than professional wrestling matches, minus the chair throwing and spandex. As a self-appointed referee, I can truly appreciate a moderate point of view. That’s why I enjoy reading so much, I decided to donate a little design work.

Dictionary of Number Words

Double, triple, quadruple.. what comes next? If your kids have asked (Mine have!) or if you’ve ever wondered yourself, this site has the answer to that question and many other number-name issues. It’s old school, with frames and what not, but go check it out, the Dictionary of Number Words! Enjoy 🙂

Origami, Kirigami, and Evil Mad Scientists

My kids have been crazy about origami for a while, and today I found out there’s a better term for cutting out paper snowflakes and stars: Kirigami. Who knew?! Apparently plenty of people. But how can you do origami so close to Earth Day, knowing you’re senselessly killing trees?

How to get started as a designer

These days I spend most of my time in web hosting and mothering, with small projects on the weekend. But anything and everything I do know about design and working with design clients can be credited to a few amazing individuals.

Leonids, anyone?

On my old site I think I once said that I was really into astrology. Please forgive me, I was a teenager. I like ASTRONOMY. But something about leonids and me being a “leo” has always attracted me to this particular meteor shower, or maybe it’s just that the air’s a bit cooler and crisper and the nights longer and darker in November so the shooting stars are at their brightest, or maybe it’s just that a little cuddling is required to stay warm during observation 😀

At any rate, here’s a super fly little “Meteor Observing Calendar” by Gary W. Kronk that’s been on the net since way back when I was a teenager, showing when meteor showers are due each month. Have a look & I’ll see you in November 😉