Favorite Links

You all know about facebook, twitter, and youtube. Here are some other sites I’ve found useful or fun.

Will it Blend?

Okay, most of you who know me personally know I’m ridiculously happy at my new job. I’m currently redesigning blendtec.com, and little else could fuzzify my geeky little heart like this does. But many of you, particularly my girl friends, have never heard of “Will It Blend” or Blendtec. And when I say “Oh! It’s […]


Ethan’s Website

My son wanted a blog. I thought it’d be better for him if he learned how to code things out on his own, so he’s starting with basic html and a little CSS, and is using it to showcase his collection of snowflakes and favorite videos. He’s home sick today and wanted me to link […]


Leonids, anyone?

On my old supernovia.tripod.com site I think I once said that I was really into astrology. Please forgive me, I was a teenager. I like ASTRONOMY. But something about leonids and me being a “leo” has always attracted me to this particular meteor shower, or maybe it’s just that the air’s a bit cooler and […]