A site that well suits its name

Jason, a great Techserv friend of mine whom I have not seen for years on end, happened upon my site last night and dropped a note with a link to his.

I have such great memories of Techserv, not so much for the work we did (although we did have some great customers) but for the people around me. DamnInteresting.com was created by another friend, Jason’s brother Alan, who also worked there. Jason apologized for the coarse language in the title, but argued that it’s hardly a swear word in the modern vernacular.  And he said it just like that, because that’s Jason.  I sure miss working with such characters.  Thank goodness for Facebook 🙂

My personal favorite article?  Color Photos from the World War 1 Era. They have a color photo of a magistrate that looks like it could have been taken this year!