How to get started as a designer

These days I spend most of my time in web hosting and mothering, with small projects on the weekend. But anything and everything I do know about design and working with design clients can be credited to a few amazing individuals. Technically this article should go under links, but the link I’m about to give you is so informative, it has to go under Ideas and How Tos.

Business of Design Online (aka BoDo) is THE site to visit if you’re just starting out a design business. In fact they have great information for many new ventures, but it’s geared toward artists who want to learn how to make a business with their design.

When I learned from these people (especially from Cat whether she realizes it or not – she’s a super mentor!), they were in the forums. They’re likely still there. Later they collarborated with some other fabulous designers to form Creative Lattitude. But soon they realized there was an audience of new designers out there that needed attention, and if you found this article, perhaps you’re among them.

Or if you’re a new business needing the inside scoop on what to look for in a designer you hire, have a look! Actually while you’re at it, you should really check out

This site is brand new, but already full of fabulous information. So go check em out, already! πŸ™‚