My 15 minutes of Fame

Wow, my photo’s on Reuters! No, dear cyberstalkers, it’s not a photo OF me, but it is a photo I’ve taken, and I am thrilled. It was used as a stock photo in someone’s blog, and Reuters Health picked it up and it’s linked back to me. The article’s interesting too, so have a look! Makes me want to open all my windows now (were it not for the 40F temp I’m registering).

update: they’ve moved or removed the article :-S So here’s the photo I’m talking about:

The old hospital in Lehi. It's been torn down now.

The article was basically saying people in hospitals get sicker for lack of fresh air.

I post maybe one percent of the photos I take, but you can find a few here, as well as a few at Maybe if you ask nicely, I’ll autograph a print for you ;-p

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