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I feel compelled to write today, but everything I’ve tried to say seems to feel like it’s another person’s words, or someone else’s thoughts. Perhaps I simply don’t know what to think or how to feel, or maybe it’s more a problem of knowing that whatever I say could not be enough. Or maybe it’s that my feelings on the war are wrong, because without a doubt, no matter what I could say about it, at least half of you would vehemently disagree.

American Fork Flag salute for Sgt. Nathan S Barnes
American Fork Flag salute for Sgt. Nathan S Barnes

All I will say, is that today, for many people I know, the war in Iraq became infinitely more real. Today, my home town celebrated the life and mourned the loss of our own Sergeant Nathan S. Barnes. Hundreds of scouts and others lined the streets holding flags and saluting as the procession drove by. A bagpipe band played Amazing Grace, and I could hardly decide what was louder: the pounding of our hearts or the sound of them breaking.

My 15 minutes of Fame

Wow, my photo’s on Reuters! No, dear cyberstalkers, it’s not a photo OF me, but it is a photo I’ve taken, and I am thrilled. It was used as a stock photo in someone’s blog, and Reuters Health picked it up and it’s linked back to me. The article’s interesting too, so have a look! Makes me want to open all my windows now (were it not for the 40F temp I’m registering).

update: they’ve moved or removed the article :-S So here’s the photo I’m talking about:

The old hospital in Lehi. It's been torn down now.

The article was basically saying people in hospitals get sicker for lack of fresh air.

I post maybe one percent of the photos I take, but you can find a few here, as well as a few at sxc.hu. Maybe if you ask nicely, I’ll autograph a print for you ;-p