Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Don’t tell Dorothy, but I found out what’s over the rainbow: Mount Timpanogas. I took this picture while at my kids baseball game. Aren’t those the moodiest clouds you’ve ever seen? We live on the smaller mountain just in front of Timp. The “Green field” in front is just a hill in front of the […]



I feel compelled to write today, but everything I’ve tried to say seems to feel like it’s another person’s words, or someone else’s thoughts. Perhaps I simply don’t know what to think or how to feel, or maybe it’s more a problem of knowing that whatever I say could not be enough. Or maybe it’s […]


My 15 minutes of Fame

Wow, my photo’s on Reuters! No, dear cyberstalkers, it’s not a photo OF me, but it is a photo I’ve taken, and I am thrilled. It was used as a stock photo in someone’s blog, and Reuters Health picked it up and it’s linked back to me. The article’s interesting too, so have a look! […]