Design & Art

Ever wonder what I do all day? In addition to web hosting and mommying, I do quite a bit of random design work. Here’s a collection of logos, cards, web designs, photography, and other projects I’ve done.

Name that Plant Returns

Remember when we played a little game to figure out what random species I’d found in the canyons of Pleasant Grove? Let me introduce you to some plants I met on my hike to Silver Lake. Some of these are easy, others are not. Do you know them all? Just click on any picture to […]


Art Class

A traditional media art class is like getting school credit for therapy. In fact I’m convinced I should try to take something in art, music, or P.E. each semester for that reason. This past semester, it was art, and now I’m almost regretting not having space this fall! Perhaps I’ll need to take up coloring […]


Garden of Eden Collage

(Oops – original title was College Collage. I decided that was dumb but took out the wrong word. D’oh!) My new living room has the words “All Because Two People Fell In Love” plastered across the wall, no doubt above where a large family photo used to hang. Not the most encouraging thing in the […]


My 15 minutes of Fame

Wow, my photo’s on Reuters! No, dear cyberstalkers, it’s not a photo OF me, but it is a photo I’ve taken, and I am thrilled. It was used as a stock photo in someone’s blog, and Reuters Health picked it up and it’s linked back to me. The article’s interesting too, so have a look! […]