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Ever wonder what I do all day? In addition to web hosting and mommying, I do quite a bit of random design work. Here’s a collection of logos, cards, web designs, photography, and other projects I’ve done.

Name that Plant Returns

Remember when we played a little game to figure out what random species I’d found in the canyons of Pleasant Grove? Let me introduce you to some plants I met on my hike to Silver Lake. Some of these are easy, others are not. Do you know them all? Just click on any picture to add your best guess to its comment section.

Art Class

cloverA traditional media art class is like getting school credit for therapy. In fact I’m convinced I should try to take something in art, music, or P.E. each semester for that reason. This past semester, it was art, and now I’m almost regretting not having space this fall! Perhaps I’ll need to take up coloring again 🙂 In the meantime, here is my output. These are not great, but it was a fun class anyway.

Fantastico Logo Clean-Up

From pixelated rezzed-up nastiness of the dark ages of the web, to clean & crisp. The logo is still almost the same. I just cleaned it up a little and even made a few shiney ‘web 2.0’ styled buttons for them. Have a look.

My 15 minutes of Fame

Wow, my photo’s on Reuters! No, dear cyberstalkers, it’s not a photo OF me, but it is a photo I’ve taken, and I am thrilled. It was used as a stock photo in someone’s blog, and Reuters Health picked it up and it’s linked back to me. The article’s interesting too, so have a look! Makes me want to open all my windows now (were it not for the 40F temp I’m registering).

update: they’ve moved or removed the article :-S So here’s the photo I’m talking about:

The old hospital in Lehi. It's been torn down now.

The article was basically saying people in hospitals get sicker for lack of fresh air.

I post maybe one percent of the photos I take, but you can find a few here, as well as a few at Maybe if you ask nicely, I’ll autograph a print for you ;-p

A real snowflake

My kids and I made paper snowflakes this winter out of our names. They’re really quite beautiful. But my kids weren’t at all convinced that REAL snow looks like that. So I took this picture.

Closeup of a snowflake
Closeup of a snowflake

GreenSun Logo

Last fall my brothers invited me to help them with marketing their startup business selling and installing solar panels. We are just now getting ready to open our doors – here’s hoping it takes off!