Instant Web Page

So your cards are ready to hand out at that convention next week, but the web site you listed goes nowhere? Why not turn that card into a web page? Ever need a web presence, fast? If you’ve got a business card design, you’ve got a solution.

Here’s an example. EksAyn is principal broker of X Factor Real Estate, Inc, and he wanted a placeholder web page of sorts to give his business a fast and professional looking online presence. He already had his business card design ready to go, and had purchased his domain and hosting, so he sent me a digital copy like this (only not shrunken down to blog image size of course!)

X Factor Real Estate Card
X Factor Real Estate Card

In one evening, I was able to loosely convert that design into a single-page website that matches his existing branding (or his corporate look and feel – the design of his logo, color scheme, etc). You can have a look here:

This is a screenshot of his first landing page. He's already set up a blog now
This is a screenshot of his first landing page. He

Now he’s free to set up a blog, gather some photos, or work on whatever content he wants — without having to show that to the world yet. His beautifully branded page will hold his place on the web nicely in the meantime.

If you need to get started with a small web page like this, drop me a note in my contact form for a quote. Have your files ready to email me. Like I said, a well experienced web designer (such as myself ;-)) can typically get a site like this done quickly and quite inexpensively if you already have your logo and business card design ready to go. Just give me a heads up and check for availability. This is a quick project since the difficult design work is done, so as long as I’ve got a free spot in my schedule, you’ll have your welcome mat on the web in no time!