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Back-to-School Business Cards

My kids had a brilliant teacher who used business cards as calling cards at back to school night. In fact, if she needed to send a note home with a child anytime throughout the year, she’d paperclip her card, which had her email address, phone, extension… basically all of the things you would expect on a business card. How handy is it to not have to look up an extension every time you have to call the school? Why aren’t all teachers using business cards? The problem of course is that typically the school budgets won’t pay for them.

This teacher had a simple solution: free business cards (I recommend these). 100 cards is easily enough for a teacher to give each mom and dad one card at the beginning of the school year, and still have plenty left over for notes and what not.

Since I’m such a great daughter, I shamelessly copied the idea for my mom, who is also a teacher, and designed cards for her as a birthday present. (Don’t worry, Mrs. Bills said it was OK.)

Fair and Balanced — really!

Political discussions with my family are crazier than professional wrestling matches, minus the chair throwing and spandex. As a self-appointed referee, I can truly appreciate a moderate point of view. That’s why I enjoy reading poligazette.com so much, I decided to donate a little design work.

CafePress Template & SEO

Today I heard from a happy client who is doing quite well with her CafePress store. A little keyword research and a few template changes have taken her a long way!

Seeing Stars

If you know me, you know trendiness isn’t exactly my thing. In fact I avoid trends if I can, because I so hate having to change everything up when what was in goes out. Especially when it comes to my logo.

When I went to make myself an invoice template in open office years ago, my logo wasn’t importing well. So I worked up new one that would work in plain text, with turquoise text and an orange asterisk in lieu of the supernova symbol I’d created. And to my surprise, I liked it better.

For one thing, the old symbol I’d made (which you can see in my favicon) looked a little like a circular saw blade. Plus my blog was becoming and more random, and asterisks are wild characters. (Just like me. Kidding. Kinda.) And of course I also liked that an asterisk/star could still vaguely reference a supernova, but that’s another story saga.

But now I’m seeing stars! Everywhere! Is the Asterisk the new Swoosh?

Mind your Banners

“Who needs banners, and why is our dear Velda designing them?” Yes, I hear you. I’m anti-ad too. But these are the kind that go at the top of the site to show of its own features.

Better One, or Two?

A minor tweak to the Hands-On Web Hosting logo made a major difference to the balance of the design. I also converted the logo to a vector format so Hands-On could use it for large scale printing.

Wedding Essentials

This company provides wedding decorations and may expand to other offerings soon. They needed a logo that would work in vinyl as well as it worked on paper.

Fantastico Logo Clean-Up

From pixelated rezzed-up nastiness of the dark ages of the web, to clean & crisp. The logo is still almost the same. I just cleaned it up a little and even made a few shiney ‘web 2.0’ styled buttons for them. Have a look.